Our server would not have been possible without the great work by members of the SA-MP community. The use of community-released work has allowed us to extend the immersion of a pursuits server.

The list below is a list of modifications we have been given permission to redistribute on our server. We would like to thank everyone who has given us permission to use their work.

  • Police skins with jackets - Provided by Dignity - SA-MP Forums
  • Class A LSPD (Low-poly) - Provided by Prodigy. - LS-RP Forums
  • Deputy Sheriff Val Wagner - Provided by Liquicity - LS-RP Forums
  • LSPD female officer [LOW POLY] - Provided by Ren - LS-RP Forums
  • Vincent Di Marco - Provided by lowpolygangster - LS-RP Forums
  • Female SASD Deputy (Low Poly) v2 - Provided by Surreal - LS-RP Forums
  • swmyst sheriff - Provided by jup - LS-RP Forums
  • SASD Class A - Provided by swp - LS-RP Forums
  • SASD Class B - Provided by swp - LS-RP Forums
  • M&F Balaclava Skins - Provided by Rehasher - SA-MP Forums
  • hmybe clothed 1 - Provided by Kalcor - SA-MP Forums
  • LSPD SWAT & Metro Female Skins - Provided by Good Guy Santana - LS-RP Forums
  • San Andreas Sheriff's Department (Low quality character models) - Provided by Marvin_Redman - LS-RP Forums
Last Updated: 23 June 2019